Jack Herer Emperor Hemp “Legal” Marijuana Amsterdam Holland November 1996 cannabis social club

Jack Herer Emperor Hemp “Legal” Marijuana Amsterdam Holland November 1996 cannabis social club

http://www.nintharticle.com hemp fashion show with Jack Herer.

“Soft drugs should be legalised; hard drugs on prescription”, November 1997 European Parliament.


2nd half of this interview with Herer conducted at GPRA, where today is located The Cannabis College. First half was at Positive Grow near the Amstel River.

2009 INTERVIEW SUBJECT POLICY: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prgIZNDHYls

After the election win for prop. 215 in California in Nov. 1996, Jack is in Amsterdam to celebrate. He talks about many industrial uses of the hemp plant; his ultimate goals; Nixon and pot; Rudy Vallee; helping get pot users, producers, and sellers out of jail and with criminal records purged of any pot offenses, by reforming laws. Notice the bright green baby pot plants under intense lights behind Jack’s head (1:56 – 7:00). Mike Moran arranged and produced this video in 1996, but dropped that and everything else after late Nov. 1996.

Produced by igormccaslin in 2005 from Mike’s video from 1996.

For most foreigners visiting Holland, it takes a few months to completely get over the fear of police when using marihuana there.

Camera and microphone by Michael Moran at certain points. Produced by Michael Moran.

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Tjalling Erkelens’ presentation on the Dutch Medical Marijuana Program

Tjalling Erkelens’ presentation on the Dutch Medical Marijuana Program

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In November 2012, history was made when marijuana was made legal under Colorado law. Known as Amendment 64, the new law was passed with 55% of the votes. It was put into place on 10th December 2012 and it basically states that:
Adults who are 21 and over can grow and possess a limited amount of marijuana for private home use.
Marijuana is now regulated, distributed and taxed a little like alcohol from October 2013
The sale, cultivation and processing of industrial hemp needs to have a permit from the state legislature.
It’s worth noting that there is a limit on the amount of marijuana a person can legally grow and possess at home. This limit is one ounce of marijuana and up to six plants grown at home. It’s also worth noting that Amendment 64 does not relate to the medical use of the drug. There are different laws you need to follow if you’re using marijuana for medical purposes.
Medical use of marijuana laws
Medicinal cannabis laws fall under Amendment 20. This law was brought into place by 54% of voters on 7th November 2007. It states that approved patients could legally use cannabis providing they have medical written consent. If you’re considered one of the approved patients you can legally possess anything up to two ounces of marijuana. Like Amendment 64, medical patients can grow up to six plants at home. However, only three mature and flowering plants can be present at any one time.
Depending upon the patients specific medical needs, doctors can argue that more than the legal limit might be needed. There are several conditions that are considered for the use of legal medical marijuana and those include:
Chronic pain
Multiple Sclerosis
If you are an approved medical marijuana patient, you won’t be allowed to use it in public or in plain sight. The cannabis also cannot be provided by a pharmacy; it has to be given by a specialised caregiver. It is available in seeds, in varying strengths and contained within actual food products.
Understanding Amendment 64
The whole purpose behind Amendment 64 is to help the police focus upon more serious crimes. A lot of manpower was being used tackling adults aged 21 and over who possessed small amounts of marijuana rather than focusing on more violent, serious crimes. There were around 10,000 Colorado residents arrested each year for cannabis related offences. Most of those related to possession. Amendment 64 was brought in to lower this figure and free up police resources.
It is thought that the Amendment 64 will put over 0 million into Colorado’s economy within 5 years of being introduced.
Overall the legalisation of marijuana for adults aged 21 and over is said to be a huge boost to the state of Colorado. It’s less dangerous than alcohol and it is helping to reduce crime rates in the state. Only time will tell if other states and countries follow suit. Just remember that Amendment 64 does not change the laws for medical cannabis.
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Amsterdam’s mayor to ban marijuana at schools –

Amsterdam’s mayor to ban marijuana at schools –

Amsterdam is to become the first city in the Netherlands where students will be formally banned from smoking marijuana at school. The city’s mayor introduced the law after receiving complaints from teachers that students showed up to class stoned.
Până în fum: primarul din Amsterdam a interzice marijuana în școli
Πάνω στον καπνό: ο δήμαρχος του Άμστερνταμ για την απαγόρευση μαριχουάνα στα σχολεία
Up in fumo: il sindaco di Amsterdam di vietare la marijuana nelle scuole
­Under the current ‘policy of tolerance’ towards drugs, marijuana is considered a soft drug and though it is technically illegal, there is no active prosecution against the individual using it. Police cannot prosecute people for possession of small amounts, with up to five grams being deemed acceptable for personal use.

Some schools have already had prohibited smoking but done so as individual institutions, rather than city ordained legislation.

“This year we have introduced a ban on smoking. We have since become a smoke-free school,” Jolanda Hogewind, head of the Calvijn met Junior College, was quoted by Dutch national newspaper, Volkskrant, as saying. “If a student still smokes on the schoolyard, we warn once. In a second time we send a letter, and if the student persists in his behavior, we invite parents to a meeting,” said the director.

When the law is put in force, schools will be able to involve the police if teenagers are caught smoking on school premises.

However, some supporters of the initiative, like Hogewind, say that schools must be free to maintain their own rules.

All previous attempts to ban marijuana from schools have not succeeded, as the Council of State insisted that it was technically impossible to ban something which is illegal. But recent changes in drug law make this possible. The city will now be able to declare starting January 1 “no toking zones” — areas like schools and playgrounds where weed-smoking will be forbidden.

The law may also affect tourists as some 44 of the city’s 220 cannabis cafes — Amsterdam’s popular attraction among guests of the city — will have to close because they are less than 250 metres from a school.

Earlier there have been calls to introduce a national “weed pass” that would have blocked tourists from buying marijuana. But the initiative was widely opposed by Amsterdam.

Last month, the city major Van der Laan allowed coffee shops to stay open for tourists.

The capital will still have more coffee shops than The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht put together, local Parool newspaper reported.

The government is also planning to raise the age at which teenagers can buy cigarettes to 18.
El agua al cuello: Amsterdam alcalde de prohibir la marihuana en las escuelas
-Se em fumo: prefeito de Amsterdã para proibir a maconha nas escola

How New Cannabis Prohibition Laws Created Crime in Holland

How New Cannabis Prohibition Laws Created Crime in Holland

Members of local government in Holland decided to implement stricter marijuana laws which then gave more power to violent street dealers that began to take over the market. When the governments realized this was happening, they eased up on some of the laws again. When the coffeshops were allowed to sell cannabis to tourists again, members of these gangs threatened coffeshop owners because their business was being taken away from them, This video shows footage of one of the street dealers threatening a coffeshop owner and the experience of the person who was filming the confrontation.

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Belgium: Quasi-legal cannabis plantations

Belgium: Quasi-legal cannabis plantations

In early May, a law took effect in the Netherlands that allows owners of legalized cannabis cafés in the southern Netherlands to sell the substance only to Dutch residents, no longer to foreigners. Now Belgium’s first cannabis club is enjoying a membership boom.

The possession of marijuana was decriminalized in Belgium over a decade ago, a ruling that sparked the creation of the Cannabis Social Club “Trekt Uw Plant” (“Grow Your Plant”). The club has established a collective cannabis plantation, where each member is allowed to harvest several times a year. Both recreational and medical marijuana users praise the model as a way of avoiding the illegal drug trade – but the club remains a source of controversy.

#122 Dutch Cannabis Policy Explained. Is cannabis legal in the Netherlands?

#122 Dutch Cannabis Policy Explained. Is cannabis legal in the Netherlands?

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