Legal Marijuana Holland YouTube3b driving cannabis social club legallize retail shop

Legal Marijuana Holland YouTube3b driving cannabis social club legallize retail shop driving marijuana science

“Soft drugs should be legalized; hard drugs on prescription”, November 1997 European Parliament.

NOTE: cannabis edibles are sometimes available in the form of “space-cake” usually. Also, Amsterdam is where it will be found, if at all. However, this is a very minor part of the cannabis trade there and has never been associated with juvenile cannabis usage. The usual method of using cannabis is called “smoking”. There is virtually no chance a casual visitor to a cannabis coffee shop would accidentally buy and consume cannabis edibles thinking it was a regular pastry or cake.

For many foreigners, it takes a few months to completely get over the fear of police when using marihuana there (marijuana).


Previous version of “Legal” Marijuana YouTube3:

From 1992, 1993, and 2007. Much camera work by Julia “Earthchild” formerly of Essex, England.

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