Jack Herer Emperor Hemp “Legal” Marijuana Amsterdam Holland November 1996 cannabis social club

Jack Herer Emperor Hemp “Legal” Marijuana Amsterdam Holland November 1996 cannabis social club

http://www.nintharticle.com hemp fashion show with Jack Herer.

“Soft drugs should be legalised; hard drugs on prescription”, November 1997 European Parliament.


2nd half of this interview with Herer conducted at GPRA, where today is located The Cannabis College. First half was at Positive Grow near the Amstel River.

2009 INTERVIEW SUBJECT POLICY: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prgIZNDHYls

After the election win for prop. 215 in California in Nov. 1996, Jack is in Amsterdam to celebrate. He talks about many industrial uses of the hemp plant; his ultimate goals; Nixon and pot; Rudy Vallee; helping get pot users, producers, and sellers out of jail and with criminal records purged of any pot offenses, by reforming laws. Notice the bright green baby pot plants under intense lights behind Jack’s head (1:56 – 7:00). Mike Moran arranged and produced this video in 1996, but dropped that and everything else after late Nov. 1996.

Produced by igormccaslin in 2005 from Mike’s video from 1996.

For most foreigners visiting Holland, it takes a few months to completely get over the fear of police when using marihuana there.

Camera and microphone by Michael Moran at certain points. Produced by Michael Moran.

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